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Partnership Announced

By Julie, 09/06/19, 8:00AM CDT


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OEFC West & SportsHouse Development Partnership Announcement

September 6,  2019

OEFC West is delighted to announce an exciting partnership with SportsHouse Development. This partnership will provide our players with access to SportsHouse Development’s trainers, methodology and facility. SportsHouse Development is the premier source of Futsal in Oklahoma. Their passion and beliefs align with ours and we want to provide our teams, players and coaches with access to high level futsal training.

Leadership from OEFC West and SportsHouse have worked closely together to provide a program that will benefit youth development in the area. SportsHouse is offering OEFC West players and teams the opportunity to train with their expert coaches, twice a month (once every 2 weeks) for $20 per individual. OEFC West understands the benefits these supplemental training sessions can have on individuals and teams and our club as a whole, so we are committing $5 per month for each individual that takes advantage of this exciting opportunity.
Our hope is that our teams sign up together and not only benefit from the futsal instruction but also get that extra time together as a team for bonding and cohesion. We do understand that it may not be possible for everyone to attend, so SportsHouse has set this up so that individuals can come and join in with similar age groups and level.

Director of Coaching, Danny Gibson on the partnership: “We have long admired the work of SportsHouse Development and are excited about this opportunity we are able to offer to our players. We can already see the benefits that futsal training is having in youth development in our Club. It is obvious when we watch individuals that have trained at SportsHouse. They are comfortable on the ball, confident under pressure and technically proficient. This is something we want to offer all our players, as an added benefit of being part of OEFC West. This is hopefully the beginning of something special and want to thank Kit, Garret, Sam and all the SportsHouse Staff for their help and professionalism.”
SHD Director of Coaching, Kit Stephenson, said this on the partnership: “We want to thank Danny and everyone at OEFC West for the opportunity to grow the game of futsal. Futsal is the best developmental tool in the world for youth soccer players and we’re confident that this is the logical next step towards integrating the soccer and futsal worlds in Oklahoma. We couldn’t be happier that well-respected clubs like OEFC West are taking notice of the benefits of futsal and working it into the developmental plans for their kids.

Garrett Dresel, SHD Director of Player Development, added: “Our course of action with the OEFC West sessions will be to challenge the players’ ability to solve problems within the game. By doing this, they will naturally develop technically as well, but it will happen in practical situations.

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*This training is to be used as supplemental and in addition to OEFC West practice. West practice is not to be missed to attend SD training. SD will be flexible to allow individuals to attend with like for like ages/level.