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Fall Break Camp

By Julie, 10/06/20, 4:00PM CDT


Keeper Striker Masterclass Camp

$75 Cost
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Our Keeper-Striker Masterclass is based on 2 simple ideas; For one group, scoring goals and the other group, denying goals. Each day the group will divide in to Strikers & Goalkeepers and go to work on opposing topics (Example, Striker Topic; 1v1's-Timing of runs, disguise, variation of finishes. GK Topic 1v1's-Decision Making, Angles, Foot Saves, Reading Cues). We will start with basics and build to complex before bringing the group together to test our newfound skills in game like situations. 

More information regarding the camp below. Please help spread the word on social media and through word of mouth.

Wednesday, Thursday, Oct 15, Friday Oct 16, Saturday, Oct 17th 9AM-11AM

-Mustang Wildhorse Park Soccer Complex

-Striker Masterclass;

| Movement | Technique | Heading | Volleys | Creating Space | Variation of Finishes | Free Kicks | PK's | Mindset| Goal Setting | Creativity | Composure | Confidence | Body Shape | GOALS |

-Keeper Masterclass;

| Shot Stopping | Angles | Footwork | Reflexes | Reactions | Dealing with Crosses | Decision Making | Organization & Communication | Free Kicks | PK's | 1 v 1's | Positioning | Distribution |

-The West Keeper/Striker Masterclass is available to all players regardless of level, or Club affiliation. Ages 8-17.

-The Camp has been designed to provide a laser focus to two opposing areas of the field and ideologies; Put the Ball in the back of the net versus Keep the Ball out the back of the net. Our expert staff have pulled from their playing & coaching experience to create a camp that will capture the imagination, challenge the players and give them real ideas & techniques that can be applied to their game. Don't miss out on this one!